Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Internet Pornography!! Who are responsible for this shit!!

As young people spend more time online and generate and consume a growing amount of content, the importance of internet safety is constantly increasing.

But who is responsible for teaching youngsters about safety, parents or teachers? What are the areas of greatest online danger, and how can we best raise the awareness of youngsters and their parents? The Insafe network would like to hear your opinions on this important topic and invites you to respond to its teachers’ survey here The responses received so far have shown that more than 1 in 4 teachers do not teach internet safety to their class. The same number lack confidence to deal with issues surrounding mobile phones, social networking and online gaming.

However, the vast majority of teachers who responded to the survey (over 80%) agreed that children should be taught about internet safety from the age of 7. It is vital that we recognise this and do something about it – another INSAFE survey, this time of children and young people suggested that the most vulnerable group to risks on the internet are those under 10 years of age. This group are most likely to engage in risky behaviours online.

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