Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Contribution from Mordent

The only way to completely remove pornographic content would be to censor the internet, and make everyone submit an application before posting content. This would be very very easy for governments to abuse, and would stop the internet being a place where normal people can make their own websites - and would end blogging, forums and networking websites for fear of users uploading pornographic content.

This is highly unlikely to happen in every country, so in order to do it for just one country the state would have to initiate a filter system which blocks "unsuitable" websites. They have this system in China, where "unsuitable" means any website which talks about democracy or criticises the Chinese government, and in Iran where ALL networking websites (except yahoo 360 apparently) among many other types are banned.

HOWEVER, this doesn't mean that stricter laws on proving ones age before viewing the content can't be enforced more vigorously. It would be impossible to completely rid the internet of under-age viewing and child pornography, but certainly more could be done to police such content.

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